What We Do

...Pretty Much Anything!

Any object or type of look you are after we can literally replicate. Whilst we have a large stock of faux brick, stone, rock, slate, steel, I beams, timber etc. We also have the ability to work with you and create any unique style you are after!
Working in homes and businesses across the UK, Europe and the US, we enjoy projects of any size, from small home interiors to grand private houses and large retail outlets.
We can help you with your unique design and vision and if you're not sure what you want our skilled team of technicians can help guide you into finding the perfect bespoke piece.
We are able to offer you a large range of items and our plasterwork experts can also create bespoke pieces to suit everyone's needs. Plaster is such a versatile product there is something for everyone.

Take a look below at some of the bespoke objects we have made in the past all out of plaster, except for the ice arms which were resin!!!

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